Mirages, music video, directed and produced by Gunner Smith. 
using: Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Davinci Resolve. 
budget: $300
p os t e r c a m p ai gn,
rose x on color

“Even though musicians deal in the unseen and therefore don’t explicitly work with color, I’ve always been a very visual person- I’m attracted to bright, fun colors and vibrant patterns in pretty much everything I do. From flannel shirts and striped sweaters to color-coding my binders and google calendars, color definitely influences every aspect of my daily life. I’m definitely a purple-person - it’s always been my favorite color - but I’m also drawn to rainbows; like a well-rounded individual, I love a color palette that is able to represent the whole spectrum of hues, as I hope my music is able to represent a full spectrum of tones as well.” - @rosehutcheson

“when i first met rose, it was at @rhodescollege in memphis. we had small encounters here and there on campus, but it wasn’t until we both decided to quarantine on campus that i began to hang out with her more. some of the first things i remember about rose was her attention to color. the vibrant hues of her studio, this purple chair she was (and still is) absolutely in love with. She would talk about color when she talked about her favorite painting (starry night), and when i decided to show rose my paintings, the first thing she would mention would be my use of color. don’t get me wrong, collaboration isn’t always easy, especially between me and rose// a lot of times we’re sacrificing something to make the other person happier, but i think color is usually one of those things we always agree on. i think this project was the perfect blend of our tastes—rainbows, neons, green screens, and most importantly, the colorful setting of rose’s home.” - @gunner.r.s

pictured here: rose sitting in her studio, in a scribbled, colorful mess.


rose x on home


@rosehutcheson “I’ve always been a person who gets really nested wherever they live. I hate blank wall space - everything has to be personalized. Being at home is the place where I feel I can be most open and most myself, where no one else makes the rules but me. It’s also the place I do nearly all my songwriting, and where I recorded all the songs for this EP. Showcasing my home was an important part of @gunner.r.s ‘s vision for this project since so many of these songs came to life in this environment - it just feels like the songs were meant to exist here, that this is their home as much as it is mine.”

📸pictured here: @rosehutcheson nestled in her colorful comforter.

rose x on the handmade


@gunner.r.s "@rosehutcheson came to me with an idea for a book she was wanting to create and illustrate. She not only wanted the music video to read narratively, but she also wanted to create a literal story with the lyrics. After speaking for about 30 seconds, the idea came that a book not only had to be made but it also had to be animated. I think the handmade was always at the core of filming this music video. I specifically remember rose creating some clouds while I was in the bathtub painting a mural and prepping for our second day of the shoot.”

📸pictured here: @rosehutcheson laying down in her scribbles and lyrics

scans from the handmade
scans from the handmade
scans from the handmade 
scans from the handmade 
scans from the handmade
scans from the handmade
scans from the handmade
scans from the handmade
animation created from the handmade and digital scans above

using: Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
regarding poster campaign :
The "Mirages" music video contained many hand-made elements and this motif of self-made environments. The intention behind this series was to make the artist seem more personable-- to document the frustrations with the EP and it's reliance on home considering the severe effects of COVID-19 on creation and collaboration. Within this context, we can begin to understand the effects of color. Color is used to alter environments, transform them, and sometimes, displace them. Throughout the process of ads and graphics, there was a series of conversations taking place with the client: to what extent do we use cameras and technology to alter these spaces? to what extent do we push color? in so much that it becomes unrealistic? Furthermore, is color simply a tool used to boost mood, or is it tied to this idea of nostalgia, child-like wonder, and the past?
stories that catch the eye. 
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