Ocean 99. Short film directed by Victor Infante Gomez, Cover art designed by Gunner Smith. A cover that illustrates the wicked ways of simplicity. A type face that mimics the movement of the ocean. As a drama, the cover had to be just as moody as the plot. Demanding attention--I wanted to emphasize the stillness of figures and characters. Not only to make the audience question the movement of a still image, but also the intentions of these characters.
to the deep end. The Ocean 99 Campaign. Insta Stills and More.
design x Gunner Reed Enterprises.
Figure. Central. The point of these stills was to emphasize the characters actions and decisions within the context of an ocean setting. 
Imperative. Figure. Your action.
The character is at the forefront of these stills. Emphasizing their actions and how they choose to interact with the setting.
"What I like most about these images are their allusions to the plot, and their intense captures of a story in motion. Ads are meant to hint at the past and to foreshadow the future. This moment of asking where has she been, and where will she go." 
The 2021 Poster Campaign xx