Styled by chloe natalia. Photoshoot in Milan and Lecco, Italy. The purpose of this photoshoot was to give this up and coming stylist various advertisements. In many aspects, Chloe wanted a sense of freedom when it came to how these ads were presented in public places. She did not want a brand or identity that screams a capitalist agenda. Instead, she was insistent that her ads be almost a rebellion, a political statement. Something someone spreads by word of mouth.
First draft, never used.
Giant silhouettes. Figures become formless. Black clothing comes with an attitude. and an over-the-shoulder strap bag.
Cityscape was important because it defined the attitude of the whole shoot. Originally from London, and currently based in Barcelona, Chloe wanted this juxtaposition between luxury and its opposite. After speaking with each other, it became clear, we photograph in luxury spaces, we advertise on run-down streets.
Experiments with environments and settings, urban to rural.
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